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About Us



Medeina is a Family owned and operated Boutique. I started this Boutique for two reasons. One, I love fashion and how it makes you feel. Fashion inspires creativity. I love how people can take the same article of clothing and wear it differently in their own unique and beautiful way. Second, I wanted a way to give back to the community. I am very passionate about creating a better world through kindness to all living creatures. 

This platform will allow me to help a wonderful animal rescue called THEIR LIVES OUR VOICES (T.L.O.V.). All profits from anything purchased from the T.L.O.V. page will go to help them continue their fight to help and protect animals in need. Not only will you look FABULOUS on the outside in your T.L.O.V. apparel, you will feel FABULOUS on the inside for helping be a voice to those who don't have one.  Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!!

Our Name: I came across Medeina the goddess of forests, trees and protector of animals. I couldn't have described myself any better. Then, when I looked at the name, my eyes were immediately drawn to four letters.. mEDeiNA , My Grandmother Edna, there she was. It was fate, Medeina was born.

    Be Unique, Be Happy, Be YOU!